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Hunger is Happening in the Ozarks

“My baby girl is getting sick of eating crackers and rice and I’ve lost my appetite altogether due to the stress of this situation.” All too often Crosslines staff and volunteers hear stories just like Sarah’s story. And, for many people living in Greene County, hunger is an everyday concern.

According to Feeding America, one out of every five people living in Greene County is food insecure, or they don’t know where their next meal is coming from.

Since 1969, Crosslines has been a leading source of hope for families living in Greene County. By providing much needed food, these families have one less stressor in their lives.

Each day, an average of 100 families will visit the pantry. The Crosslines pantry is different than many other food pantries as it is set up as a client choice model. That means families and individuals are able to shop in the pantry, not unlike shopping in a grocery store, and make food choices that reflect their tastes and dietary needs. To help operate the pantry, more than 30 different denominational churches sponsor a day at Crosslines, providing volunteers to assist the clients shopping for their food.

Monday through Friday, from 9am – 1:45pm, almost 2,000 hungry and food insecure people walk through the pantry doors each week. In 2014, Crosslines served more than 58,000 people, making it the largest serving food pantry in Greene county. In order to meet those needs, Crosslines relies on the generosity of individuals, churches, businesses, organizations and a handful of grants. Every dollar makes a difference. Crosslines is able to make the most of every dollar donated, leveraging 12 meals out of $5.55.

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