Lately, I hear voices.

Lately, I hear voices.

They say, “I can’t believe it!” and, “where I come from, we don’t have anything like this!”, and “if it looks like you’ll need more, let me know; I can give another gift.”

These voices came to me in December, the first from a mother of 4 who didn’t anticipate the family crisis that hit her in October, and she needed some help with Christmas this year. With tears coming up from somewhere deep inside at the sight of all the groceries and toys to take home, her voice cracked as she said, “I can’t believe it!”

The second voice came from a volunteer who arrived in Springfield earlier in the year, and who joined her extended family at the Crosslines Christmas Distribution. After logging more than 14,000 steps on her Fitbit and having experienced the exhausting joy of serving hundreds of people, her voice rang out,   “where I came from, we didn’t have anything like this!”

The third voice came during a parking lot conversation with a donor who stopped by with a year-end gift. As we concluded a 20-degree, very brief sidewalk conversation, her voice melted the chill in the air with the words, “If it looks like you’ll need more, let me know; I can give another gift.”

I now have these voices echoing in my ear… and into the New Year.

Thank you, my friends, for your heartfelt service and your selfless generosity that helped to make 2017 a blessed and joyous year in service to Christ.

With such voices ringing in my ears, I anticipate even greater “good works, which God prepared beforehand to be our way of life,” as we live into 2018. (Ephesians 2:10)

May we continue to harmonize our voices with joyful hearts, in rhythm with our Mission, improving the quality of life through compassionate service and outreach to our most vulnerable neighbors, doing together what can best be done together in the name of Jesus Christ.


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