Provides 1 set of installed grab bars for an elderly person’s bathroom


One water faucet installation with tools and materials by a licensed contractor


Materials and labor for a water heater

I am Ed. A couple of months ago my water heater stopped working. I am on a fixed income and there was no way for me to pay someone to come in and fix it.  To stay clean I would wash my hair and take a sponge bath in the kitchen sink with cold water. After a while, a friend told me about Connections Handyman Service. Imagine my surprise when I found out they could fix it and it wouldn’t cost me anything! Richard and John were so nice when they came to fix it for me.

There are no words great enough to express how appreciative and grateful I am to have a new hot water heater. I’m still grabbing a towel from the bathroom to go to the kitchen sink and wash my hair in cold water, then it dawns on me that I can actually take a warm shower, and it brings tears to my eyes!

I’ve never been so grateful and touched in my whole life! The Lord has used Connections to bring fresh hope to my heart!