Comfort Kits for 3 Children


One Stop Support for a Family that is in Need of Early childhood Services


Group Training for Child Care Professionals on Topics such as Child Development

I am Elaine. I am a grandmother of 3 beautiful babies. My grandson is in Kindergarten, he has 2 sisters who are 4 and 15 months. I’m so very proud of these babies, they are such a joy to have in my life. I’ve always been very active in their lives. I always stop by and see them after work and keep them most weekends.

Unfortunately, my daughter, their mother, suffers from depression and bipolar disorder. It has been increasingly harder for her to keep a job and a place to live. My grandson has already been to 3 schools this year and it has caused him to fall behind.

Earlier in the year, when my daughter was evicted, she dropped my grandbabies off at my house. I have since been given custody of my grandchildren, I didn’t realize what a financial struggle it would be. Supplies for school, school lunches, daycare for the 2 younger ones, diapers…it has all gotten so expensive since I raised my babies.

An associate at work told me about The One Stop program at Child Care Aware of Southern Missouri. It was just what I needed. One Stop helped me to find agencies that could help with the added expenses and guided me on ways to get much needed moral support. I am so glad to have worked with One Stop and to have my grandbabies-without adding financial stress to my life.