One Christmas gift for a nursing home resident


One Christmas gift for 3 nursing home residents


One Christmas gift for 5 nursing home residents

I am George. In my spare time, I volunteer for the Long-Term Care Ombudsman program. I enjoy spending time with the residents at the nursing homes that I visit. I realize that I might be the only visitor that they have. It’s even more apparent during the holidays, you see it in their eyes when they see others getting visitors.

Last year, I and a few other volunteers visited a home which many Department of Mental Health residents live. These residents typically have no family or their family has simply abandoned them. These residents are the “forgotten ones.” Not only do they not receive visitors during the year, there is also no one to show them how much they are valued during the holiday season.

So when we delivered Christmas presents to them, their faces just “lit up” like little children…as if Santa himself had brought them a gift. You could just see their joy because someone “remembered them? at Christmas and brought them gifts. I could not imagine not having family or friends during the holidays.

It brings tears to your eyes and makes you realize what a special gift it is, to them and to you, when you give from the heart and bring them happiness!