One replacement sleeping bag for use at Safe to Sleep


One tank of gas for the van that transports the women to safety


Provides shelter supplies and van transportation for 27 women for 5 nights

I am Gina. I use to live in Missouri when my boys were small. I moved back to Missouri to fight a custody battle. Years ago I gave up my child support so I could keep my son who is now 17-years-old. His dad has never been a part of his life… I raised him. His dad took me back to court for custody because he wanted me to pay him child support. That is the start of how I ended up on the streets.

The other part was when I came down with pneumonia I lost my job.  Unfortunately, my health has gone downhill from walking the streets, not sleeping and stress.

The people at Safe to Sleep have been wonderful to me. The first night I came to the shelter I was scared to death. See, I had never been in a shelter before…never been homeless. I’ve always worked, took care of my kids and my family. This was something different. But this volunteer made the biggest difference to my life. She was so sweet.

The volunteers at Safe to Sleep will do whatever they can to help you. When you can come in and put your luggage down and don’t have to worry about it…and these volunteers with their smiling faces, they make you feel special. They make you feel like you really care. If it were not for Safe to Sleep, I and a lot of other women would be sleeping under bridges. This is a place for women to be safe. A place that you don’t have to worry about someone trying to hurt you. This is what this place does. This is what these volunteers do. They are so sweet to us and without them, these women would have no place to go.

I am one of the lucky ones. Safe to Sleep has helped me with getting placed in housing. I’m working on my health and I am so grateful for Safe to Sleep for seeing me through this scary time in my life.