One literacy kit for a child that includes 4 books and activities that promote reading and writing.


To match a Reading Buddy to a student in K-3rd grade, providing support and mentoring relationships for 1 school year. 

I am Jane. I am a retired early childhood specialist and I didn’t realize the void that would be created when I retired. I just had a big hole once I retired.

As a Reading Buddy, seeing children grow and supporting the teachers is just so satisfying. The more satisfied you are, the more you are willing to invest. So you see, it’s really a lovely 2-way street.

Over 36 years of teaching I have seen that our expectations for kindergarteners and 1st-graders have really shifted. So what was very normal for a 1st-grader in 1970 is very different from the 1st-grader we want in the year 2017.

A couple of years ago, I had a lovely little boy. He had good nutrition, good medical care and was well prepared for school, but developmentally he was a 6-year-old who’s fine motor skills, attention span and seeing detail in print was not what we expect of a 6-year-old these days.

I worked with him twice a week that school year and he loved what we did. We started at his comfort level and little by little, in increments, we upped the ante. By the end of our tutoring in May he was caught up and reading at a 1st-grade level.

When I saw him, his teachers, and his parents in the years after; I saw how much he had progressed. By the 3rd grade, he was tested into the gifted program.

That was pretty lovely because you saw the intellect was there, just some of those fine motor skills and those other essential skills that make everything click together were lacking.

Kids come eagerly and leave pretty pleased with themselves. That is one thing that is pretty enjoyable for me.