July 2019

In Loving Memory

Esther Hendricks
Sara Beth Hendricks

Helen Lewis
Brent and Terry Roy

Margaret Taylor
Bill and Virginia Darr

Mary Ann Rundel
Margie Briggs
Sue Ward Jackson
Shirley Rundel

Midge Dowler
Suzie Dowler

Roberta Hurel
Paul and Doris Hungerford

May 2019

In Loving Memory

Buddy Paul Lambeth
John and Nancy Wylie

James Walker Smith
James Smith

Matthew J. Oliver
Cynthia Oliver

Patricia Carlson
Robert Carlson

R. V. Mosier
Melvie L. Mosier

Warren Whitworth
Robert Zahn

June 2019

In Loving Memory

D. Elizabeth Broaddus
Tim and Kimberly Reese

Duane Bjorge
Terry and Melissa Hutton

Helen Lewis
Nancy Hodson
Norman and Jean Youngsteadt

Louis Tinsley
Joyce Tinsley

Mary Ann Rundel Clevenger
Kory and Elizabeth Wilcox

March 2019

In Loving Memory

Alan Spruill
· Jeanne Spruill

Earl Dutton
· Battlefield United Methodist Church
· Sue Dutton

Glenn Tasset
· Tom and Brenda Faulkner

John R. Robinson
· Washburn, Jean

Lynn Culton
· Wesley United Methodist Church

Mae Willson
· Karen Furlong
· Stacie Engelmann
· Joeanna Hancock
· Shook, Hardy and Bacon L.L.P.

Nancy Talley
· The Jerry and Sharon Peacock Trust

April 2019

In Loving Memory

Nancy Talley
Steve and Dana Crowder

Ken Swanson
Loyette Swanson

Karen Slinker
Nancy Graham

Powell McHaney
Cynthia McHaney

Dr. Don Menchetti
Joan Menchetti

Marge Lorenc
Jeaninne Schroff

Bob Harding
Betty Harding

Dorothy Dorey
Dave and Lori Dorey

Esther Hendricks
Sara Beth Hendricks

Our Lord
Faye Blanton

Thomas Ferrell III
Judy Everett

Midge Dowler
Suzie Dowler

James Kilpatric
John and Nancy Wylie

January 2019

In Loving Memory

Cliff and Ella Dees
· Michael and Cheri Wrabell

Floyd “Sonny” Hardin and Margaret Hardin
· Charlotte Hardin

John E Boeckman
· Kevin and Lynn Ausburn

Lynn Culton
· David and Barbara Fulton
· Ilene Chastain
· Jeanette Williams
· William and June Holman

Nancy Talley
· Amanda McKay
· Chance W. and Debbie A. Myler
· Charles and Nancy Talley
· Clarence and Roberta Barber
· Curtis and Jacklyn Blount
· Dean and Mary Frey
· Debra and Steven Marino
· Gregory and Debra Herren
· Jack and Mary Henderson
· Jane Kramer
· Jay & Judy Adams
· Jeannie Amyx
· Jena Record
· John and Elizabeth Carson
· Joyce and Shane Willard
· Mark and Kim Fox
· Marolyn Krebs
· Ray and Bonita Webb
· Rick and Molly Hale
· Robert and Tammy Stenberg
· Shirley and Howard Uehle and Betty Holt
· Spragg Veterinary Clinic, LLC
· Stewart-Morrison Redi-Mix
· Sue Stout

Rose and Dave Blanchard
· Carol Fleury

Twajana Chasteen
· Dwight and Juanita Crow
· Paul and Alicia Holland and Deanna Loudis
· Chester McArthur
· Joan Young
· Mihalevich Family Fund
· James and Donnis Grundy
· Ron and Peggy Treadway
· Richard and Janet Johnanningmeier

February 2019

In Loving Memory

Betty & Warren Robertson
· Barbara Reed and Patricia Breckenridge

Earl Dutton
· George and Joann Hedrick
· Peggy Price
· Jim and Janice Pattinson
· Sharon Kimbrell
· Roger and Tommie Hall
· Michael Garrison

Joe Shipman
· William and June Holman

John Robinson
· Farm Family Casualty Insurance Company

Lyn Culton
· Robert and Jeanette Dimond

Nancy Talley
· Jimmy and Diane McMillan
· Mark and Teresa Melton
· Nick and Pat Baustert,
· Rick and Molly Hale

Twajana Chasteen
· Cheryl and Garland Willis
· Gloriabell Chasteen
· Haun Burt and Kay
· Jennifer Ailor
· John and Vickie Brooks
· Ray Chasteen
· Sue Leighton