March 2018

In Loving Memory

David Owsley
·  Robert and Linda Quigg
· Anonymous
· James and Mary Ann Hutcheson
· James and Peggy Baremore
· William and Karen Schumaker
· Bob and Judy Tiede
· Glenn and Sarah Snyder
· Bruno and Karen Schmidt
· Glenn and Sarah Snyder

Donald Simmons
· Bill and Shirley Virdon

Glenn Tasset
·  Tom and Brenda Faulkner

Inez Bowman
· Bruno and Karen Schmidt

Ronald C. Fels
· John and Carolyn Gerdes
· Ruth and Mark Fels
· Dave and Judy Council

February 2018

In Loving Memory

Roberta N. Hurd
· Joyce and Dwight Borger
· Anne Bauman
· Mark and Lisa Jarvis

Ronald Charles Fels
· Gary and Jill White
· David and Meredith Adams

January 2018

In Loving Memory

Erna Nichol
· Glen and Patricia Sanders

George Whaley
· David and Barbara Fulton

Roberta Hurd
· Louise A. Billingsley
· Elizabeth Swinney
· Jennifer Borger
· Paul and Doris Hungerford

Sarah and Paul Day
· Mary Anne Day


November 2017

In Loving Memory

David Whitehurst
· Shirley Huffman

Garey Hesselton & L.D. Silvey
· David and Gaytha Suits

Edna (Beard) Grisham
· Cynthia and Thomas Hudson
· Jordan Lytle

Herb Gold Beck
· Glenn and Patricia Sanders

Jane Morton
· Corinne Cox

Jim Mace
· John and Nancy Wylie

Lukas Maska
· Monte and Kara Maska

Midge Dowler
· Suzie Dowler

Rev. Dr. Curtis A. March
· Julie March

Violet Sims
· The Violet Sims Estate

Lisa Reece
· Larry and Betty Nicholson

October 2017

In Loving Memory

R.V. Mosier
· Melvie Mosier

Albert L. and Margaret Patterson
· Andy and Barbara Squires

Inez Bowman
· Kim Bowman

Oneita Sweet
· Alan and Laura Manning
· Joyce Danner

James L. Dickerson
· Norma Dickerson

Edna (Beard) Grisham
· Vicki and Nathan Webster
· James and Carolyn Caldwell
· Don and Judy Plaster
· Wilma and Steven Brotherton

December 2017

In Loving Memory

Albert L. and Margaret Patterson
· Andy and Barbara Squires

Betty Richards
· Gorman-Scharpf Funeral Home

Charles L. Dunn
· Danny and Debbie Krasser

Charles Lindsey
· Suzanne Lindsey

Cliff and Ella Dees
· Michael and Cheri Wrabell

COL and Mrs. Homer H. Bowman
· Warren Soper and Jane Stonner

Dr. Carle H. Schroff M.D.
· Jeaninne Schroff

Edna (Beard) Grisham
· Elizabeth Roberts

Eugene O. Hunt (Gene)
· Louise Lunn

Floyd “Sonny” Hardin and Margaret A. Hardin
· Charlotte Hardin

Gerry Freeman
· Dale and Kathleen Freeman

Howard Mannen
· Nora Mannen

James Deal
· William Welsh

Jennifer Reeder
· Victor and Margaret Shelton

Jerry W. Payne and Sheryl K. Miller
· Wanda and Glenn Miller

Joe C. Greene
· Mary Ann Greene

Joseph Burnett
· Doris Burnett

Julia Holman
· William and June Holman

Margery A. Wilson
· Gary and Jan Baumgartner

Midge Dowler
· Suzie Dowler

O. Lloyd and Ruth Turner
· Sigrid Bennett

Robert Crankshaw
· A donor that wishes to remain anonymous

Zella May Berry
· Glenn and Gerry Tasset