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In Springfield, where the poverty rate has more than doubled over the past 10 years, so many of our neighbors are labeled as failures, as lazy, as people to be fixed, as those who shouldn’t be seen or heard, as “less thans” who need our charity, but who don’t deserve our most precious gifts: our time, our love, and our own vulnerability.

Through the lens of John 17 and Matthew 25, We believe Jesus is talking about the complete disappearance of our labeling of who is first and last, who is right and wrong, who is in and who is out.

We see the mission of the Council of Churches as a means to raise a vision of true compassion – a Christ-centered compassion that is born out of our personal identification with our neighbors, a love for our neighbors that lives into the truth that God is with us, that our labeling and judging comes to an end, that there is no difference between the first and the last, that we are ONE body, ONE human family in Christ.

Regardless of if you live in the Ozarks or half-way around the world, we want this #MoreThan initiative to be a movement that spreads across our community and the world. A movement to look past the labels placed on us by ourselves or others, a movement to see each person as #MoreThan what meets the eye.

Community Members Who Have Committed to #MoreThan Initiative

Daelynn Fuchs
Dana Young
David Barkley
David Cox
David P. Kendrick
David Suits
Dawn Fitzgerald
Dawn McMillen
Deb Olson
Debbie Hall
Debby Merritt
Debi Meeds
Dena Kanengieter
Diane Chambers
Don Harkey
Donna Shaddy
Donna Turner
Donnetta Ghys
Drew Hancock
Ed Derr
Emily Buckthorpe
Eric Todd
Erica Harris
Erin Marshall
Gaytha Suits
Georgia Marshall
Gina Fisher
Grace Sharp
Grace Sharp
Grayson Rogles
Heather Altom
Heather Hardinger
Heather Murrill
Heather Roberts
Heather Roberts
Jack Steck
Jake Marcum
James E VanMuysen
Jan Badgett
Jan Baumgartner
Jan Pearson
Jane Petrak
Jane Wolfe
Janelle Andrus
Jasmine Allen
Jason Frans
Jean Swent
Jeff Eiserman
Jeff payne
Jeff Rens

Can you make a commitment to the #MoreThan Initiative?

If yes:

  • You are committing to spread the word about the #MoreThan initiative.
  • You are committing to make a conscious effort to resist labeling others and see every person as a child of God – no matter their race, gender, socio-economic standing, sexual orientation, or religious affiliation.
  • You are committing to stand up for others when social injustice is occurring around you.

It will take a conscious effort to turn around prejudice and stereotyping in our community, which we believe will help swing the pendulum of poverty in the other direction.

#MoreThan Initiative

#MoreThan Initiative

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