January 2017

Trinity Presbyterian Church
• David and Sarah Muegge Treva Hall

Tracy and Melissa Hall Kathy Hoke
• Robert and Deborah Williams

Febraury 2017

Julie Peck
• Leslie Peck

Ken Chumbley
• Thomas and Lori Bloess

March 2017

Donna Jones
• South Street Christian Church

Marcella Cotter
• Elizabeth Manning

April 2017

Ashley McCollegan
• Bill and Julie Davis

Becky Morgan
• Joy Draeger

Betty Fuller
• Sara Beth Hendricks

Michelle Fuller
• Jared Crutcher

May 2017

Bill and Virginia Darr
• Bill and Shirley Virdon

David Peck
• Thomas Peck

Dorothy Kaiser
• Joseph and Linda Hubert

Dr. Jim Sammons
• Becky Young

Inez I Bowman
• Kim Bowman

Shirley Virdon
• Deborah Lutes

Woodson Cockrill
• Faunlee and Fred Harle

June 2017

Betty Harris
· Donald S. Brown

Bill Virdon
· Deborah Lutes

David Peck
· Leslie Peck

Ted Madden
· Wesley United Methodist Church

July 2017

Bob and Henley Smith’s 50th Wedding Anniversary
Arthur and Rebecca Farris
· Gary and Joyce Shirlkey
· Donald and Betty Golik

Dr. Robert Jennings
· Mary Ann Jennings

Mark Struckhoff
· Institute for Mature Learning

Reiley Osterhoudt
Dennis and Sharon Gillham

August 2017

Our Two Children
· Andy and Barbara Squires

Rachel Moore
· Sara Beth Hendricks

Shirley Virdon
· Deborah Lutes

September 2017

Our Three Grandsons
· Andy and Barbara Squires

October 2017

Rev. Janet Given
· Elizabeth Manning

November 2017

Mathew Dickey
· Jerry and Connie Dickey

Missionary Baptist State Convention
· Council of Churches and Staff

The Daniel Chisholm Family
· Louise Lunn

Alora Mazzella
· Louise Lunn

Mr. & Mrs. Gerry Buyan
· Louise Lunn

Barbara Ann Crockett
Louise Lunn

Jean Larson
· Jack and Fran Hood

Sheryl and Ron Wachter
· Judy Beisner

December 2017

Allin Sorenson
· Major and Marthe Close

Dr. Donald and Nancy Back
· Bernard and Pam Burrier

Dr. Nancy Curry
· William and Ginya Moore

Dr. Teresa Olsen
· Steven and Elaine Schulke

Gene and Margaret Day
· Ronald and Ruth Spargo

Jack and Becki Gladson
· Ronald and Ruth Spargo

Gretchen Heinz
· Ronald and Ruth Spargo

Jack and Dorothy Kaiser
· Joseph and Linda Hubert

Janice Pearson
· Ann Hetherman

Jasmine and Hans OChen
· Kurt Fischer

Joan and David Shepard
· Kurt Fischer

Sean and Terra McCourt
· Kurt Fischer

Linda Dickinson
· Ron and Sheryl Wachter

Debbie Beydler
· Ron and Sheryl Wachter

Patrick Murphy
· Ron and Sheryl Wachter

Mark Struckhoff
· Marla Marantz

Mark Struckhoff and Neil Guion
· Doug and Rae Nickell Family Foundation

Melvie Mosier
· Sally Simons and Leslie Ware

Patrick and Laura Murphy
· Wanda Killips

Pete and Ruth Freeman
· Michael and Sharlene Freeman

Pleasant Hill United Methodist Church
· Wally Jones

Robert and Sara Ward
· Tony and Pamela Holloway

Sally Simons
· Melvie Mosier

Springfield Planning and Development Dept. Women
· Marcus and Mary Smith

Tom and Betty Shephard
· John Shephard

David and Marla Shephard and family
· John Shephard

Troy and Susan Royko and family
· John Shephard

Waneta Matthews
· Andrew and Lottie Matthews

Willard United Methodist Women
· Sue Wadlow

William J. Hennessey Jr.
· William J. Hennessey Sr.