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Hear Anna’s Story

Meet Anna (not her real name). During her visit to the Crosslines Holiday Center, she disclosed to the volunteer working with her that it was her first time asking for help. A mother of two, Anna lost her job in July due to budget cuts. She hasn’t found work since, and it’s difficult to find a job with a schedule that will accommodate her youngest son’s special education programming. Halfway through the process, Anna began to cry. The Crosslines Holiday Center volunteer leaned in, touched her arm, and reminded her, “You’re doing the best you can…it took a lot of courage to ask for help.”

We meet people like Anna everyday. People who are working hard and struggling to make life better for their families and you’re helping! Your support of the Council of Churches of the Ozarks and our nine services connects you to our community and touches the hearts of our most vulnerable neighbors. Thank you!

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