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One Amazing Impact

Dear CCO Partners,


Love is not merely the Christian duty; love is the Christian destiny.” N. T. Wright


I’m grateful for the ways, big, small, and every shape in between, that love comes into view in our community and our world.  And what about the bazillion ways love happens that we never see? I understand how many people come to wonder why, if God is love, there is evil in the world (and so much of it).  Yet, with each breath, shallow or deep, and each heartbeat spontaneously surging blood through our bodies without a single thought, we could just as easily wonder at the love that sustains us moment by moment.  The Jesuit philosopher, paleontologist, and geologist Pierre Teilhard de Chardin put it this way: “The physical structure of the universe is love.”


Our 2016 Compassion Campaign is a year-long, intentional exercise in love.  It is an intentional leaning into God’s love, a giving and receiving of love that seeks to serve our most vulnerable neighbors through compassionate service and outreach in the name of Jesus Christ. With a goal to compassionately serve our most vulnerable neighbors, we must begin, continue, and end with love.


And we cannot begin to serve Christ, who abides with and in “the least of my brothers and sisters,” without your partnership and financial support.


Whether we are feeding hungry children and families, or providing overnight shelter to homeless women, or ensuring that foster children and youth have access to new clothing, or reading with an at-risk first-grader, or shopping for homebound seniors… we do so in partnership with YOU. And in doing this work, we trust LOVE is right there with us, whether as our destiny or our duty.


At the Council of Churches of the Ozarks, we believe that one gift really does have an amazing impact. We believe it because we have seen it, and we continue to see it as God multiplies the love of each gift.


In joyful service,

Mark Struckhoff

Executive Director


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