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Partners in Compassion


Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and I give thanks to God for YOU!
In this issue of Compassion Notes, I’ll provide a couple of brief stories that can be used in your congregation’s newsletter or Sunday bulletin to help tell the story of our shared mission to improve the quality of life for our most vulnerable neighbors in the name of Jesus Christ.
Breaking the Stereotype (from the Safe to Sleep Winter Newsletter)
“My name is Sherry. I was so pleased to be moving from the East coast to a new job in California. My 10-year-old daughter and I loaded all our possessions into our pickup truck to make the drive cross-country. We stayed at a motel overnight in Springfield, MO. That night our truck was stolen, along with everything we owned except my purse and a few clothes. Police were not hopeful that our truck would be recovered. We had no money for a motel. One Door helped us to find shelter. We took my daughter to Isabel’s House that day, where she had her own room and where I could get her the next day. I was given a pass to Safe to Sleep where I could stay at night for as many nights as necessary. We ended up staying two days and nights before my parents in California were able to provide the bus tickets for us to continue our trip. We felt God’s blessings those two days in spite of it being the worst days of our lives.”
Holiday Assistance – Opioid Crisis in the Ozarks: A Troubling Trend
Sheryl Wachter, a long-time volunteer with Crosslines who has been screening Share Your Christmas applications for the past seven years, is concerned by an emerging pattern in this year’s Holiday applicants. Sheryl says that among the number of families applying for assistance this year, some have an alarming similarity: these families are caring for children in their homes that are the children of others. Some are foster children; many are children who are being cared for by family members, or friends of the family, because the biological parents are suffering from addiction to opioids. Sheryl went on to say, “What strikes me is how heartbreaking it is to know there are so many children, innocent victims, whose lives are impacted by this opioid crisis. Many of these children are in therapy, and will likely need counseling later, because of the damaging life experiences they’ve been exposed to.”
As Crosslines comes alongside these special families and children this Holiday Season, we give thanks for compassionate partners like you who make our services possible through your prayers, your volunteer spirit, and your generous giving.
Partners in Compassion
The Council of Churches welcomes your prayers for the daily work, and for our most vulnerable neighbors whom we serve. A financial gift provides immediate support where needed most.  For example:
  • $30 would cover the cost of 1 replacement sleeping bag for use at Safe to Sleep.
  • $70 would provide one Christmas and one Thanksgiving Food basket from Crosslines to a vulnerable family in Greene County.
  • $100 could provide Christmas gifts for 1 child in foster care through Ambassadors for Children.
Compassion in Action
Another way to serve is by volunteering. Volunteers are always needed to serve our homeless women at Safe to Sleep. Volunteers are also needed this Holiday Season at the Crosslines Holiday Food Basket Distribution for Thanksgiving (Saturday, November 18, at Central Assembly of God, Fusion Center), and at the Crosslines Christmas Toy Store (Saturday, December 16, at Ozark Empire Fairgrounds). For more information about volunteering for Crosslines Holiday programs, visit
In joyful service,

Mark Struckhoff
Executive Director

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