Child Care Food Program Modifies Service

The Child Care Food Program continues to perform desk audits.  The state of Missouri has suspended in-person visits until at least July 1, 2020.  Special Covid-19 relief programs have been made available to child care facilities. Child care providers are also encouraged to deliver or hand out creditable meals to homebound children to ensure that all children continue to receive nutritious meals while maintaining a physical distance.  Providers are encouraged to call The Child Care Food Program for more information.


Our vision is to build a stronger community by providing all children with access to healthy meals, everyday. 


Located in Springfield Missouri, The Child Care Food Program is a reimbursement program for licensed and registered daycare providers. CCFP is administered by the United States Department of Agriculture, managed and directed by the Missouri Department of Health and sponsored by the Council of Churches of the Ozarks.

The Child Care Food Program currently serves 210 providers representing a 30-county area, with approximately 4,500 children enrolled. Through our program, child care providers can focus on serving higher quality meals without straining other program resources. We believe that regardless of geographic location and economic standing, all children deserve access to healthy and nutritious meals.


To keep receiving financial reimbursement, you’ll need to:

  • Feed your daycare children using nutrition guidelines
  • Once a month, submit menus and attendance forms (Forms and envelopes provided)
  • Allow our staff to visit three times a year
  • Attend one training session per year


Interested in receiving Federal reimbursement for feeding children healthy foods? In order to work specifically with our program, you must:

  • Be a Licensed or Registered Daycare Facility or Group Home in the state of Missouri
  • Daycare facility must be conducted in a residential property (must not be on a commercial lot)
  • Provider must care for at least one child that
    does not live in the home

If interested in signing up for our program, you can start the process right now…

CCFP More Info


With children receiving two thirds of their daily food consumption while away from home, the Child Care Food Program helps day care providers keep the cost of day care down while contributing to our future generation through healthy meals and snacks that help develop strong minds and bodies. The Child Care Food Program ensures good eating habits that last a lifetime.


General financial support is always welcome, as needs can vary in scope and urgency. CCFP targets higher levels of reimbursement to low-income areas, and to daycare providers and children most in need. The reimbursements make the cost of daycare more affordable for many lower income families. Health and safety standards, training, and monitoring make CCFP an important component of quality child care, especially in family day care homes.


Office Hours:
Monday – Friday
8:00 am – 4:30 pm





Meals served meet USDA nutrition guidelines; these meals instill healthy eating principles that help them grow today to meet their fullest potential in the future



Parents are assured that their child(ren) receive high quality meals at no extra cost



Providers can afford to furnish higher quality meals to children in care without straining other program resources



In helping to meet the total nutritional needs of young children in out-of-home settings, the CCFP results in significant enrichment and improvement of the quality of child care provided in communities.