Community and Advocacy

Our work in the community

Participation in community meetings focusing on families and caregivers

Several communities have meetings where community members come together to discuss issues related to children and families. For example, in Springfield, the Early Care and Education committee has been meeting for over 20 years to address early childhood issues.  Supporting the efforts of community meetings such as Early Care is a way to support the every day lives of the families working for you. For more information about the Early Care and Education Committee or to find out if there is a committee in your area contact our office at 417-887-3545 or 800-743-8497.

Advocacy for early childhood issues

It is important for families, children and caregivers to have a voice on issues that effect their everyday lives.  Staff speak up about issues that are important to early childhood and encourage our communities to speak up about issues that are important to them.  For more information on how you can be an advocate for your families and children check out our Public Policy page.

Get Involved

Missouri’s Annual Child Advocacy Day! Let your voice be heard! Join hundreds of other early childhood professionals to challenge Missouri legislators to make smart choices for children.