Connections Handyman Modifies Services

Connections Handyman Service continues to offer modified services to low-income seniors or disabled homeowners who need essential home repairs. Services will continue to be offered to qualifying individuals, as long as, no one inside the home presents signs of illness.  Contractors have been asked to not enter any home if they are feeling ill or have an abnormal temperature.  Contractors will enter homes at their own discretion.

Connections Handyman Service encourages individuals to seek service when the problem first presents to prevent further damage to the home.


Providing essential home repairs for low-income seniors and disabled homeowners so they may continue to live independently and safely in their own homes. Common repairs or projects include building of wheelchair ramps; installation of shower/tub grab bars; major repairs of floors, sewer/main lines.

Homeowners interested in assistance from Connections must call 417-862-3586 and arrange assessment prior to repairs or email


Eligibility requirements vary, but all clients must be:

  • Greene County residents who own their home.
  • Some repairs are limited to seniors, some to individuals with disabilities (no age requirement).
  • All repairs must be considered “essential” meaning the residence is becoming uninhabitable or unsafe to live in without repairs.


General financial support is always welcome, as needs can vary in scope and urgency. 

Financial contributions save you a trip to the store and can also be used to purchase:

  1. Grab Bars 
  2. Plumbing Material
  3. Water Heaters
  4. Lumber


Phone: 417-862-3586
Fax: 417-862-2129



For over 15 years, Realtors Helping People has been integral in helping to fund essential home repairs for seniors and the disabled in our community through Connections Handyman Service. The Realtors Helping People committee consists of area real estate agents that work together to plan an annual auction event to raise funds. Without this important donation, many senior homeowners would go without essential repairs to their homes including hot water, working toilets, safe entryways (walker steps, wheelchair access) and more.

“We are grateful for the hard work from the Realtors Helping People group that volunteer their time to raise the funding to help Connections Handyman Service. It makes such a difference in the quality of life for our community’s seniors.” – Richard Virnig, Connections Handyman Service Director