March 2019

In Loving Memory

Alan Spruill
· Jeanne Spruill

Earl Dutton
· Battlefield United Methodist Church
· Sue Dutton

Glenn Tasset
· Tom and Brenda Faulkner

John R. Robinson
· Washburn, Jean

Lynn Culton
· Wesley United Methodist Church

Mae Willson
· Karen Furlong
· Stacie Engelmann
· Joeanna Hancock
· Shook, Hardy and Bacon L.L.P.

Nancy Talley
· The Jerry and Sharon Peacock Trust

January 2019

In Loving Memory

Cliff and Ella Dees
· Michael and Cheri Wrabell

Floyd “Sonny” Hardin and Margaret Hardin
· Charlotte Hardin

John E Boeckman
· Kevin and Lynn Ausburn

Lynn Culton
· David and Barbara Fulton
· Ilene Chastain
· Jeanette Williams
· William and June Holman

Nancy Talley
· Amanda McKay
· Chance W. and Debbie A. Myler
· Charles and Nancy Talley
· Clarence and Roberta Barber
· Curtis and Jacklyn Blount
· Dean and Mary Frey
· Debra and Steven Marino
· Gregory and Debra Herren
· Jack and Mary Henderson
· Jane Kramer
· Jay & Judy Adams
· Jeannie Amyx
· Jena Record
· John and Elizabeth Carson
· Joyce and Shane Willard
· Mark and Kim Fox
· Marolyn Krebs
· Ray and Bonita Webb
· Rick and Molly Hale
· Robert and Tammy Stenberg
· Shirley and Howard Uehle and Betty Holt
· Spragg Veterinary Clinic, LLC
· Stewart-Morrison Redi-Mix
· Sue Stout

Rose and Dave Blanchard
· Carol Fleury

Twajana Chasteen
· Dwight and Juanita Crow
· Paul and Alicia Holland and Deanna Loudis
· Chester McArthur
· Joan Young
· Mihalevich Family Fund
· James and Donnis Grundy
· Ron and Peggy Treadway
· Richard and Janet Johnanningmeier

February 2019

In Loving Memory

Betty & Warren Robertson
· Barbara Reed and Patricia Breckenridge

Earl Dutton
· George and Joann Hedrick
· Peggy Price
· Jim and Janice Pattinson
· Sharon Kimbrell
· Roger and Tommie Hall
· Michael Garrison

Joe Shipman
· William and June Holman

John Robinson
· Farm Family Casualty Insurance Company

Lyn Culton
· Robert and Jeanette Dimond

Nancy Talley
· Jimmy and Diane McMillan
· Mark and Teresa Melton
· Nick and Pat Baustert,
· Rick and Molly Hale

Twajana Chasteen
· Cheryl and Garland Willis
· Gloriabell Chasteen
· Haun Burt and Kay
· Jennifer Ailor
· John and Vickie Brooks
· Ray Chasteen
· Sue Leighton


November 2018

In Loving Memory

Katie Brady (Katherine Anne)
·  Ron and Linda Brammer

Bill Dodd
·  Audrey Kelly

Winona & Hylton Grafa
·  Dave and Julie Hockensmith

Esther Hendricks
·  Sara Beth Hendricks

Lois & DW Hockensmith
· Dave and Julie Hockensmith

Cecil Hughes
·  William and June Holman

Roberta Hurel
·  Paul and Doris Hungerford

Don Mahnken
·  Glendora Mahnken

William Malotte
·  John and Nancy Wylie

Matthew Myears
·  Donald and Karen Myears

Libba Shirley
·  St. James Episcopal Church

Lisa Fromme Trimmell
·  Glenn and Mona Fromme

Nancy Wiley
·  Barbara Horras

Desamond Yarnton
·  Shirley Huffman

December 2018

In Loving Memory

Agnes Niemeyer
· Anne Draskovich

Betty B. and John C. Bonser
· Becky Atterberry

Catherine Loughrige
· Howard and Linda Henry

Christina Harter
· Milton and Judy Folkins

Curtis A. March
· Julie March

David Headberg
· Jeff and Diane Headberg

David Whitehurst
· Shirley Huffman

Don Cox
· Wesley United Methodist Church

Dr. Mark Stuppy
· Anne and Ronald Depew

Edna Hasserd
· Anne Draskovich

Frances Kerenek
· Anne Draskovich

· Krasser, Danny and Debbie

Homer and Inez Bowman
· Warren Soper and Jane Stonner

Howard Mammen
· Ruth Mammen

Inez Bowman
· Kim Bowman

Janet Wingo
· Kelsey Wingo

Judy Beisner
· Mary Anne Day

Julia Holman
· William and June Holman

Katherine Frazee
· Larry Parker

Lawerence Korn
· Lori Harshman

Lukas Maska
· Monte and Kara Maska

Matthew and Allen Potter
· Victor and Margaret Shelton

Midge Dowler
· Suzie Dowler

Mr. and Mrs. O. L. Turner
· Sigrid Bennett

Rev. Robert Dohm
· Dean and Jan Rund

Richard L. Marsh
· Richard and Sharon Marsh

Richard L. Martin
· Richard and Sharon Marsh

Sandra A Pierpont
· John T. Pierpont

Sharon Lehman’s Father
· Ronald and Sharon Lehman