October 2018

No Honorariums this month

November 2018

Leo and Barb Daniel
· Harreld and Aderra Bryant
· Hannah, Ival and Ranea
· Parks, Gary and Paula

Dalene Doman
· Doman, Karen

Anna Johnson
· James and Glenda Fluhrer

Jim and Lareva Newcomer
· Faunlee and Fred Harle

Andrew Squires
· Andy and Barbara Squires

Ron & Sheryl Wachter
· Judy Beisner

August 2018

Sally Simons
· MelvieMosier

Lori Squires
· Andy and Barbara Squires

Shirley Virdon
· Deborah Lutes

September 2018

Romona Baker
· Barbara Vestal

Suzanne & Harry Ellis
· South Street Christian Church

Collin Miller
· Andy and Barbara Squires

Ron & Ruth Spargo
· Jack and Becki Gladson

June 2018

Bill Virdon
· Deborah Lutes

David Peck
· Leslie Peck

Dorsey & Carolyn Levell
· Myrtle Darrah

July 2018

Tom Faulkner
· Mark and Katie Struckhoff

Trinity Presbyterian Church
· Dave and Sarah Muegge

April 2018

Dan Friberg
· Leta Jones

Evelyn Kays
· Janet Given

Pam Brown
· Nancy Graham

May 2018

CCO Staff and Volunteers
· Mark and Katie Struckhoff

David Peck
· Thomas Peck

Dianne Baum
· Doris Cox

Michael Squires
· Andy and Barbara Squires

Mike Reidle
· Greg and Betsy Burris

Shirley Virdon
· Deborah Lutes

February 2018

Belinda Mercer
· Eric Erickson

March 2018

Lou’s 75th Birthday
· William and Mary Lou Shireman

January 2018

Greg and Betsy Burris
· Mike and Diane Reidle

Judy Beisner
· Mary Anne Day

Linda Hubert
· Jack and Dorothy Kaiser

Ronald Squires
· Andy and Barbara Squires

Steve and Raynee Schweitzer 50th
· Robert and Henley Smith

Treva Hall
· Tracy and Melissa Hall