February 2020

Barbara Alashe

Daphne Crosby

Mary Martin

David and Ellen Zumar

January 2020

Greg & Betsy Burris          

Mike and Diane Reidle Fund

December 2019

Amy Amason           

Kayla Everett

Becky Solari & Pam Vaughan      

Kory and Elizabeth Wilcox

Beverly Davis          

Brian Parker

Colleen Prosser      

Corey Pettett

Dalene Doman

Doug and Karen Doman

Dena Bunch & Cris Crain  

Steven and Laurie Greenley

Dr. James F Terry, Jr.        

James Terry

Happiness Girls Lunch Bunch    

Ron and Linda Brammer

James Landewe       

Patrick Landewe

Janice Pearson

Ann Hetherman

Jerry & Kay Cook    

Mary Ann Greene

Jim & Ellen Grantham       

Curtis and Rebecca Showalter

John & David Shepard       

Kurt Fischer

John Robinson        

Judy Robinson

Joy Perry      

Kory and Elizabeth Wilcox

Judy Beisner     

Mary Anne Day

Linda Carpenter     

Kory and Elizabeth Wilcox

Marci Dowdy           

Carolyn Barnett

Mark Struckhoff     

Barbara Block

Melvie Mosier         

Sally Simons

Nancy Curry

William and Ginya Moore

Phillip & Linda Harper     

Amelia            Mooney

Pleasant Hill UMC & Seymour UMC        

Wally Jones

Redeemer Lutheran Pastors & Church Staff    

Michele Leubner

Rev. Janet and Dr. Mark Given     

Teresa Spear

Sally Simons

Melvie Mosier

Gene & Margaret Day, Jack & Becki Gladson, Sue Holloway, Larry & Ginny Oliver, Nancy Anderson, Gretchen Heinz, Janet Bowman, Kay Stover & Teresa Kays

Ronald and Ruth Spargo

South Street Christian Church Staff        

Janet and Mark Given

Women of Springfield Planning & Development Dept           

Marcus and Mary Smith

November 2019

Ron and Sheryl Wachter
Judy Beisner

Ruth Spargo
Asbury United Methodist Church – One Heart In Christ

Shelby Hahn
Robin Trotman

September 2019

Dorsey Levell
Danny and Debbie Krasser
Jeanette Williams
Judy Hoover
William and Joyce Clark
William and Tami Brown
Larry and Eleanor Freund
Peck’s Insurance & Financial Services
Michael and Nancy Olmsted
Cary and Jacque White
Tracy Carroll
C.J. Hankins

Dr. Shelby Hahn
Robin Trotman

Jamie and Donna Jacobsen

Michael Hansen
William and Beverly Francis

Our Soldiers
Carol Fleury

Prince of Peace Lutheran Church
Richard and Deanna Brekken

Rev Melvin and Mrs. Ruth Miller
David and Meredith Adams

Romona Baker
Bob Perry and Marilyn Nelson
Gayle and Amos Bell

Ron Merritt
Ron and Peggy Treadway

University Heights Baptist Church
Louise Lunn

October 2019

Council of Churches Staff & Volunteers
Wilma and Carol Sutton

Dorsey Levell
Grace Schroff

Jesus Christ
Jo Angela Surby

Sac River Cowboy Church
Doris Brookes

July 2019

Dorothy Dorey
Dave and Lori Dorey

Jeff & Aimee Newman
South Street Christian Church

Mark Struckhoff
South Street Christian Church

August 2019

Shirley Virdon
Deborah Lutes

Kelly Harris
Andrew and Darlyne Ervin

Sally Simons
Melvie Mosier

May 2019

David Peck
Thomas Peck

Dorothy Dorey
Dave and Lori Dorey

Dr. Zahn’s Birthday
King’s Way United Methodist Homebuilders Class

Mike Reidle
Gregory Burris

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Brown, RSVP Volunteers
James Baker

Shirley Virdon
Deborah Lutes

June 2019

Bill Virdon
Deborah Lutes

Donald Baker
Dave and Lori Dorey

March 2019

Lou Shireman
· Shireman, William and Mary Lou

Owen and Carol Smith
· John and Nancy Wylie

April 2019

Bev Francis
Katie Francis

January 2019

Carolyn Snyder
· Chuck and Linda Collins

Dan Friberg
· Leta Jones

Dianna Hays
· David and Laura Kendrick

Donna DeVries
· Sylvia R. Speight

Dorothy Ryan
· Chuck and Linda Collins

Lynda Moore
· David and Laura Kendrick

· Zumar, Ellen and David

February 2019

No Honorariums This Month