Gifting Stock Means Giving Wisely

Your gift of compassion can inspire hope by ensuring families have nutritious food to eat, homeless women have a safe place to sleep, foster children have new clothes that fit them, and elderly homeowners have a safe home to live in. Your gift of stock means your donated dollars do even more to help those in need. 

A $5,000 cash gift and a gift of $5,000 in appreciated securities both generate the same charitable deduction.  But if you use publicly traded stocks, bonds, or mutual fund shares that you have held for a year or longer to make your gift, you will receive an additional tax benefit: The IRS allows you to make your transfer to Council of Churches of the Ozarks without recognizing capital gains on the appreciation. You can thus leverage a larger donation than you could make with cash — and receive a larger tax benefit — by “buying low and giving high.”

If you and your advisors are transferring assets at the end of the year, it is especially important to note the following.

  • For stocks transferred through the U.S. Post Office, the gift date may be found in the postmark. (Stock certificates should be sent unsigned to the Council of Churches of the Ozarks with an executed stock power mailed under separate cover on the same day.)
  • Gifts delivered by UPS, Fedex, or any other delivery companyare credited, by law, on the day received by Council of Churches.

Important Tip: Don’t sell the stock first! Even though you may give us the proceeds as a gift, the IRS will impose capital gains tax on your sale, wiping out the benefits of this arrangement.


  • You receive an immediate income tax deduction for the fair market value of the securities on the date of transfer (even if you originally paid much less for them).
  • You pay no capital gains tax on the transfer when the stock is sold.
  • Giving appreciated stock can be more beneficial than giving cash. The “cost” of your gift is often less than the deduction you gain by making it.

How it Works

  • You transfer appreciated stocks, bonds, or mutual fund shares you have owned for more than one year to the Council of Churches of the Ozarks.
  • CCO sells your securities and uses the proceeds for our programs.
  • Use the information below to facilitate the gift.
  • Your gift of stock is valued, for tax purposes, at the mean of the high and low on the date the shares are received in our account. Mutual funds are valued at the “net asset value.”

Donate Today

To make a gift of stock you will need the following information:

Receiving Firm: Merrill Lynch
Account Representative: Jim Hallam (417) 885-0646
Address: 1630J E. Bradford Parkway, Springfield, MO 65804
Office Phone Number: (417) 885-0600  |  (417) 459-4661 (fax)
Merrill Lynch Account Number: 599-07112
CCO DTC Clearing Number: 8862 (since 4/20/18)
Account Registration: Council of Churches of the Ozarks, Inc.
EIN: 43-0903657