“Deverin’s Locker”

Deverin King was an outstanding young man, gifted with amazing athletic ability, who left a network of family and friends devastated by his loss in March 2023.

Deverin gave his all and excelled at any sport in which he participated. Throughout his life, he excelled in softball, football, gymnastics, skateboarding, surfing, basketball and track. He broke the record for both the Triple Jump and 100 meter hurdles while at Pershing Middle School and then followed it by breaking the forty-year standing record at Central High School in the 300 meter hurdles, his Junior and Senior years. Deverin’s many accomplishments earned him scholarships for both Track and Academics at Evangel University where he was a freshman.

While Deverin was a powerful competitor, he was also a supportive teammate and enthusiastic advocate for his friends. Most importantly, Deverin exhibited the character outlined in 1 Corinthians 13; being patient, kind and much, more. Deverin loved his family fiercely and with his whole heart.

“Deverin’s Locker” refers to a fund established by the King family to not only memorialize Deverin’s legacy and impact, but to also recognize the profound and positive impact sports can make in one’s life. Providing new and gently used equipment to families in need, as well as grants for sports activity fees, “Deverin’s Locker” strives to make sports accessible to any family – regardless of income.

For more information, please contact Amanda Ingle, Ambassadors for Children Program Coordinator (aingle@ccozarks.org).