Levell Up Capital Campaign

Our Mission

“Levell Up” is named in honor of our founder, Rev. Dorsey Levell. Our “Why” is a timeless mission, built on the desire to compassionately move vulnerable neighbors from scarcity to security in the name of Jesus Christ.

“The organization that has been put together here is something that Dorsey dreamed of his entire life. I really think this is a great stepping stone to advance the desires that he had for a long period of time.”

Stack-016 (003) (1)

Jack Stack, Honorary Levell Up Chair Founder, President & CEO of SRC

“As someone who has raised families and built a career in Southwest Missouri, I understand the collaborative impact when people of faith unite ‘to do what can best be done together.'”

Bob-Hammerschmidt 2 (1)

Bob Hammerschmidt Levell Up co-Chair

“I think of this calling as “compassion in action” and our volunteers serving from hundreds of congregations throughout the 417 area as a tangible expression of Jesus’ love for the world.”

Jim Anderson

Jim Anderson Levell Up Co-chair

About the Campaign and Our Target Forward

The Time Is Now

On Tuesday, October 19th, the Council of Churches of the Ozarks (CCO) and SRC Holdings made an announcement which will benefit the CCO and Southwest Missouri community for years to come. To simplify and amplify CCO’s mission of moving neighbors from scarcity to security, they unveiled plans for a new headquarters located at 3055 E. Division.

The capital campaign goal of $6.2 million represents the boldest fundraising initiative of the Council of Churches’ history. The campaign name, Levell Up, honors the late Rev. Dr. Dorsey Levell, who not only founded CCO, but served as CEO for 30 years. At first announcement, there is only $2.4 million left to raise toward the total goal.

All For One and One For All

Serving an average of 80,000 people each year, the Council of Churches provides a wide array of outreach services from multiple locations. CCO staff, volunteers, and partners are dedicated to the mission to improve the quality of life in our region through compassionate service and outreach to our most vulnerable neighbors by doing what can best be done together in the name of Jesus Christ. In short, the team works tirelessly to bless others and improve the quality of life in Southwest Missouri.

The Council’s new, fully integrated “one stop shop” will better meet community needs, which means overcoming barriers for families will be that much simpler. As it stands, many families go to multiple locations throughout our city to find assistance, with different hours and tasks to complete at each location. This can be a challenge for those with a family, a job, and limited means. This one CCO campus is an incredible opportunity to serve families with dignity as they work towards a more secure life.

Our new model structure improves how people understand and experience the Council as one organization, one intake, one ministry. We know this will increase access and understanding.

A digital rendering of the Council of Churches' new headquarters

More Mission

The future headquarters increases space, capacity, and opportunities to streamline. The new property offers:

  • 5X the warehouse space
  • 2X the office space
  • 1 central headquarters
  • Decreased operating expenses
  • Increased accessibility
  • Enhanced team culture

More warehouse space means more neighbors served, growth opportunities, and provides more avenues to partner with smaller nonprofits in need of staging space. We are frequently approached by other non-profits seeking storage space for pallet-sized quantities.

brian fogle

Brian Fogle, CFO

"CFO's mission is to enhance the quality of life for all residents in our region, and CCO provides critical services that enrich lives in the greater Springfield area. The new facility is a win-win for the community by allowing the Council of Churches to be more efficient and more effective. Our investment into assisting the Levell Up Campaign was made with the confidence of knowing the resources will be used wisely, and that the larger community will respond appropriately to helping their neighbors in need."

All For One and One For All

The Council functions to help those asking two questions. When people say, “I need help, where do I go?” or “I want to help, where do I go?” the answer is the same: the Council of Churches.

A partnership with aligned, focused goals has a rich ROI, from worshipful service to feeding hungry families. Whatever excites most about Levell Up and CCO, our ministry is happy to discuss how we can be better together. Our future headquarters will greatly increase our capacity to do good in our community and will enrich the lives of many struggling neighbors. There are always uncertainties, but we are certain of one thing – God’s work is always accomplished when people are willing to serve.


Collene Buelow, One Stop Employee

"As someone who has been helped by the Council and now works at the Council, I can personally attest to the meaningful impact CCO offers. My favorite part is serving families who get to realize the hope that comes with a better future - a hope that I've experienced and get to build with others! My story of 'helped' to 'helper' is the CCO mission in action."

Time to Build - Relationships & The Future

While many organizations have dialed back during the pandemic, the Council of Churches is embracing the opportunity to “Levell Up”. With increases in both demand for services and revenue over the past 18 months, the Council is well-positioned to launch this ambitious campaign. Jack Stack, honorary campaign chairman, shared his excitement and trust in CEO Jaimie Trussell, COO and past board member Jay Guffey, CCO board member and Levell Up co-chairman Jim Anderson, and co-chairman Bob Hammerschmidt. SRC proudly supports CCO because the leadership and staff are dedicated to serving the Ozarks with organizational excellence, dignity, and compassion.

We hope you prayerfully consider your vision for giving time, talent, or treasure. We are thankful for a community where collaboration, generosity, and faith motivate stakeholders – and we are grateful for your relationship and attention.

The Council of Churches’ mission is accomplished through the dedication of member churches, volunteers, staff, and continual community support. To find out how you can partner, click the link below or call 417-862-3586.