Ways to Support

CCO offers a variety of ways to help you meet your philanthropic goals. These are just a few! For additional information or questions, please call our office at 417-862-3586.

Tax Credits – CCO has 50% tax Credits available! We have various tax credits available which are an added benefit to you as the donor.

Stock – Did you know stock is a great way to support CCO? You can transfer most stocks directly to our broker so as the donor you do not realize any capital gains with the gift.

IRA Distributions – If you are required to take a minimum distribution, the gift can be made directly to CCO. This helps you avoid claiming the distribution as income, while benefiting The community.

Credit Card/ACH/Check – These are often the easiest way to give. Checks can be mailed to address to the left and credit card/ACH gifts can be made via the website at ccozarks.org.

Legacy Giving – Making a planned or legacy gift by leaving CCO in your will or estate will ensure your passions are taken care of in perpetuity.