A Cupcake’s Promise: Sherri’s Story

At Safe to Sleep, a generous donation of new household items from Old Time Pottery brought hope and comfort to women overcoming obstacles to sustainable housing.

Sherri, a former shelter guest, was invited to pick things for her new apartment from the amazing assortment. Cautious not to take too much, she hesitated over a cupcake pan. It reminded the Safe to Sleep staff and volunteers of the simple luxuries the unhoused often miss, like baking.

Upon learning that cupcakes were her favorite thing to make, a staff member insisted Sherri take the pan.

She agreed, but with one condition – she wanted to use it to bake cupcakes for the women at the shelter. Weeks later, Sherri returned with freshly baked cupcakes and a meal for 30 women, made from the food she had saved from her Crosslines pantry visits.

Sherri’s act of kindness touched the staff and volunteers deeply, showing that even though she had so little, her first thought was to give back to those with even less.

Are you willing to give as Sherri did?  Your generosity to Safe to Sleep will meet basic needs, but will also empower the women on their journey from scarcity to security.  Your gift provides resources they will use to build new lives.

Generosity like Sherri’s will provide help and hope to  those who need it most!