Embracing Resilience & Generosity: Marilyn’s Story

As Tara walked her grandmother, Marilyn, through the doors of Crosslines, tears flowed down her cheeks, revealing the vulnerability that comes with the realization of needing help after a lifetime of independence.

One of the front-desk volunteers greeted Tara and Marilyn.  She said, “We are so glad you came in. You and your generation have given so much to our community, and now it is our turn to give back to you.”

Tara gently reassured her grandmother that she was not alone in her struggle. The kindness of the volunteer’s simple statement ministered to Marilyn powerfully. The feeling of being heard, acknowledged, and valued gave her renewed strength and confidence.

Crosslines soon became a haven for Marilyn when she was hungry, afraid, and alone.

Marilyn now finds support and care through the volunteers and Crosslines. Marilyn’s head was held a little higher when she walked through the doors of the resource center. She felt genuinely embraced and respected.

Crosslines not only provides resources for guests but also fosters an environment where people feel cherished and honored. Marilyn is an example of the resilience of the human spirit.

If you are someone that finds joy in giving, there are plenty of families that walk through the door at CCO needing love and support. Will you be a part of our mission and inspire hope through compassion and action?