Mike’s Story

As CCO’s Crosslines team spoke to the food pantry guests and volunteers, it was evident the pantry needed to be open during both daytime and evening hours.

Mike, and three of his six children, were one of the first families to visit the food pantry on a Wednesday evening. Mike was a newly single dad, struggling to support six children in a new city where he had no family support, no friends, and no safety nets.

Mike works full-time, and was devastated to learn his income placed him just $5 above the threshold for food stamp eligibility. Someone suggested he visit Crosslines and, thankfully, he did.

Crosslines volunteers moved quickly to make Mike and his children feel comfortable. Before long they were joking and smiling with one another. Mike was assured that he was “a good dad” doing everything he could to provide for his kids.

Tearing up, Mike said, “We’ve had some really hard times and I don’t hide the truth from my kids because I want them to know that sometimes life is hard, but we’re going to get through this.”

Mike was surrounded by inspiring and compassionate volunteers who were able to give him confidence and respect. That evening, he left with food for his family and, more importantly, with his head held high. CCO will continue to help Mike find the support he needs to make it through this difficult time.

Although the road ahead may be filled with uncertainty, Mike knows every time he visits CCO, he will find love, acceptance, compassion, and action. Thank you for helping Mike through this tough time!