The mission of the Council of Churches of the Ozarks is to improve the quality of life in our region through compassionate service and outreach to the most vulnerable neighbors by doing together what can best be done together in the name of Jesus Christ.

Inspiring Hope

With our faith, our gifts, and our service, the Council of Churches of the Ozarks is united as one Family: the family of Christ to manifest love in the presence of brokenness. In a culture where we are encouraged to count and compare and compete and to separate by race, religion, politics, economic status, gender identity, and more, we stand together by inspiring hope through compassion and acceptance.

We remain committed to inspiring hope in our community through this crisis.  Out of an abundance of caution and to assist with our nation’s preventative efforts, the Council of Churches of the Ozarks is modifying programs because the safety of our guests, volunteers, and employees is our top priority. Along with our routine safety standards and procedures, we will continue to take additional precautions with the Coronavirus (COVID-19) concern.  Please click here to learn the steps we are taking to serve and protect.

Council of Churches has 9 outreach services reaching out with compassion to the ones in need. Learn more about how we can help you:

Council of Churches has 9 outreach services helping the most vulnerable in our area. We only have 59 employees on staff, therefore it takes thousands of caring people, like you, to provide assistance to those in need. 
Can you volunteer 4 hours a month?

Our goal is to have everyone in the Ozarks take the pledge to look past a person’s label and see the person they are inside. What do you want others to see in you? What can you see in others? Are you ready to take the pledge?