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Life happens

Some days, nothing goes right for us. And sometimes, those days can turn into weeks or even months. Real life has challenges and when those challenges become overwhelming, we can help. Through our nine services, we can help with food, shelter, clothing, essential home repairs and more. We don’t stop there, however. We offer a network of compassion and an environment of dignity. It takes courage to ask for help.

Some of our first time clients tell us they were nervous to pick up the phone, or walk through the door. It’s not unusual to feel apprehensive when trying something new and it’s not uncommon for us to take time to sit quietly with a client, pray, or just listen.

Immediate help

The service hours of our services vary but most are available during normal business hours (8am-4:30pm).

Foster Children

Providing new clothing, self-esteem boosting services and items such as beds, for vulnerable children in foster care in Greene, Christian, and Taney Counties.

Families and Child Care Providers

Offering referrals for early childhood services to families and training for child care professionals.

Child Care Providers

Providing reimbursement for and monitoring healthy meals in licensed, in-home childcare centers.

Senior Citizens (60+) in Greene County

Essential home repairs for senior and disabled homeowners such as the building of wheelchair ramps and shower/tub grab bars to keep residents safe in their own home.

Families, Seniors and Individual Residents in Greene County

Food pantry and community referrals for Greene County residents.

Seniors and Adults with Disabilities

Providing interactive, community-based daycare for seniors and adults with developmental disabilities.

Nursing Home Residents

Advocating for the rights of care facility residents.

Senior Citizens (55+)

Creating volunteer opportunities for seniors (55+). RSVP volunteers mentor and help with literacy in the public school system grades K-3, grocery shop for homebound seniors and volunteer at Crosslines.

RSVP also assists Homebound Senior Citizens with their grocery shopping.


Overnight emergency shelter for women.

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